Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LYNNE MORIN featured in current SAQA Virtual Gallery

EXPLORING, Lynne Morin
CONGRATULATIONS to LYNNE MORIN as her beautiful work is featured in the September Virtual Gallery "Seeing With The Heart" at the main STUDIO ART QUILT ASSOCIATES website.
Chosen by Wen Redmond, Virtual Gallery Juror, Lynne's "Exploring" is a beautiful example of her newest textile collage work. Redmond states:
These pieces aren’t necessarily realistic yet evoke mind pictures, memories or emotions of perhaps ‘being’ there.

There - where we see with our soul.
There - where the line is crossed from our imagination into reality.

Wen Redmond, Guest Curator

Visit the Virtual Exhibit here: http://www.saqa.com/gallery-mini.php?ID=117

Lynne's "Exploring" is one of her new collage pieces developed for her course at the ABRUZZO SCHOOL in 2013 in Abruzzo, Italy. Please visit the link below for more information about this amazing opportunity to share time with Lynne in Italy next summer.
As a regular contributing Artist in SAQA Exhibitions, Lynne also has a beautiful piece "MOZART" hanging in the SAQA BEYOND COMFORT Exhibition currently open at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the "opening piece" as visitors walk into the exhibition space and is certainly a stunning example of Lynne's talent as a Textile Artist.  Many congratulations Lynne.