Sunday, August 19, 2012


How much more pleased could we be here in SAQA's Central Canada membership as we have the opportunity to once again view and consider adding some really amazing  Textile ART to our personal collections as we participate in the ANNUAL SAQA BENEFIT AUCTION which will begin on Monday, September 10, 2012 at

Many Central Canada members are participating as Artists this year and to avoid missing anyone along the way, we encourage you to visit the Benefit Auction pages at the main SAQA website and enjoy seeing if you can connect all of the beautiful work with our friends and mentors here in Canada. The work of two prominent Canadians is shown on the advertising poster above ... both ANNA HERGERT and MARY PAL have contributed to the Benefit Auction as artists for many years and their work is highly sought by collectors across North America and beyond.

This year, pieces will be auctioned both online and LIVE at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. Several Canadians will have their work at the live Auction including SYLVIA NAYLOR and SHARON COLLINS.  Last year, the Auction raised over $54,000 which has gone a long way towards the number of exhibitions and services SAQA is able to support during the year. This is the main fundraiser of our Association each year, so we encourage you to follow the Auction's progress during September and October and join in to bid if you can.

The Benefit Auction is just one opportunity to give back to SAQA. Some members are confident in their skills and contribute as artists, and others are avid collectors of the beautiful and complex art pieces that are donated by members each year. Whether you are a participating artist or a patron, your participation is appreciated and definitely important to the growth and development of our Association.

Please mark you calendar and follow the Auction. Details are available online at and the auction results are updated almost immediately as bids are received, so you can bid, follow the progress and see if you are the winning bidder all online with communications being directed to your email file by our own MARTHA SIELMAN, Executive Director.

Hoping YOU will participate this year, and do bring some of these beautiful works home to Canada.
Great luck in your bidding activities and have FUN!