Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Workshops Series in Kingston, ON scheduled to share the most recent design and fibre art techniques

Harbour, Kit Vincent

FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops Series
Bethany Garner, Coordinator and Donna Hamilton, Registrar, have lined up four dynamic workshops for 2012/13 that our SAQA members may indeed be interested in. They have arranged to bring four of Canada's best of the best Instructors (two of them are SAQA Central members) to Kingston to share with you the very latest techniques in fibre art. They are:

                                                                                                                                                                                         Fine Living - Window Seat, Heather Dubreuil

12-14th October, 2012: Kit Vincent
16-18th November, 2012: Hilary Rice
22nd-24th March, 2013: Heather Dubreuil
19th - 21st April, 2013: Chris Kummer


Subservient 1, Chris Kummer
For details of each workshop, click here to see their blog. 

And for a copy of the 2012/13 brochure: .

This link is a pdf file that can be read by your browser and then printed on 8 1/2″x11″ paper. It is three pages long. To register, simply print page 3, fill it in, and mail the bottom part and your cheque to the Registrar, Donna Hamilton, whose address can be found at the bottom of the Registration form.
Strands of IF, Hilary Rice


If you would rather receive the paper version, email them your name and address and they will put one in regular mail for you in a few days.
This Series will promises to be a very exciting program and the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON team extend a warm welcome to all who are interested in joining us.