Saturday, July 14, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS due as SYNTHESIS II Exhibition ends a hugely successful run in Belleville, ON


The Synthesis II exhibition at the John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville closed on July 12th. The feedback from the Gallery Curator and her staff was extremely positive. They were blown away by the length of time visitors spent with the work -- examining it in detail.

The written feedback was also very positive. Comments include: Wonderful, Amazing, Colourful, Stunning,Creative and "such talent"... and a lovely  'How fortunate we are to have this exhibition'.

The artists are to be congratulated for their amazing work which represents the talent of all members of SAQA Central Canada Region to the public. Perhaps this will encourage some of the visitors to consider becoming members of SAQA. We placed SAQA information at the exhibit several times, and each time, all of the brochures went home with visitors.

I would like to say a great big thank you to Lynne Morin for her help in taking the show down and packing it. I couldn't have done it without her help. The art will remain at Canada Bead until the next exhibition. Unfortunately the exhibition we thought would be at the Homer Watson Gallery next Spring was not confirmed. However, Lynne Morin will be resubmitting a proposal to them for 2014. In the meantime, we are scheduled for an exhibition in Western Ontario in the fall of 2014.

Pat Caffery
CURATOR, Synthesis II


On behalf of all of the sixteen artists participating in the Synthesis II Exhibition and the twenty artists with work included in the adjoining Laurentian Foothills Exhibit, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Patricia Caffery for the mountainous work she did to ensure that Synthesis II was delivered and set up with the Curator in Belleville. Pat made multiple trips to Belleville, including the trip yesterday with Lynne Morin to take down and pack the exhibit and ensure the return of the pieces to the artists in the Ottawa area. 

And to Judith Popiel and Joan Reive for their efforts in organizing the exhibit of the SAQA Central Canada Laurentian Foothills piece and extending an invitation to the participating artists to join them in exhibiting their work at the John M. Parrott along with Synthesis II. Terrific job with the great story board for the project enjoyed by all of the visitors.

And to Meredith Filshie for continuing space availability for the Laurentian Foothills piece and Synthesis II until the next exhibition.

Members who delivered work to Bethany Garner will hear from Bethany the first of next week after she connects with Pat here in Kingston to make arrangements for the delivery of their work back to them.