Thursday, June 14, 2012

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL time is here again... SAQA so wants all of the Canadian members to continue to GROW with the Association

JUNE is a very popular month for SAQA members joining and renewing memberships. We love having each one of the 100++ members in our SAQA Central Canada group of amazing artists, and that is spurring this message to all of you who have recently had your membership lapse or are considering whether to renew for another year or two.

The SYNTHESIS II Exhibition is currently installed at the John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville and the work of 14 other SAQA artists participating in the Laurentian Foothills Exhibition in the adjoining Gallery and both shows are just amazing. Members are being celebrated all over Canada and beyond with solo exhibitions, inclusion in regional and local Exhibitions and Shows and as they travel, teach and share their skills in teaching situations here and beyond the borders.

This is such an exciting time for SAQA, with a wonderful website filled with exciting opportunities for YOU to contribute to the sharing of the beautiful work we all know our Canadian members are known for in an international forum. Many of our members are featured in the website and this month, Heather Dubreuil is a featured artist in the SAQA Journal... this could be YOU!

As a SAQA member, you know what SAQA has to offer:
  • the ability to network with 3,000 other members who are also passionate about art quilts,
  • exciting national and international exhibition opportunities,
  • the full-color SAQA Journals, exhibition catalogs, and Portfolios,
  • inspiring annual conferences held at sites around the US,
  • extensive website information and online galleries, and
  • active regional groups.

Having recently reviewed the current membership list for our SAQA Central Canada network of artists, I am surprised at how many memberships have lapsed this spring, and want to encourage and invite you to go to the website and renew soon.

Renewal or submitting your request for membership as a first time registration for membership is so easy. The website page to renew/register is professionally designed to make the process stress free. Simply click on the Membership tab at the top of the Home Pages and follow the link to check your own membership status  The website can then take you immediately to the renewal/membership pages and you can enter/update your information there and simply use the SECURE website to enter your credit card information. Or simply email me at and I will check for you on my current membership list, and you can then proceed to renewal at Martha Sielman, Executive Director, will respond to you immediately with your confirmation of renewal. So easy and fast.

I have received a note from Martha today to please remind our Canadian Members NOT to send a cheque for membership or renewal:

"Please ask your Canadian members/renewal candidates not to use cheques when paying for memberships, donations, and jury fees. Please ask them to pay via credit card. The banks here are terrible about fees, and we are now being charged a 10.89% service charge on Canadian cheques. We know that our members would want their money go to SAQA instead of to the bank. (The credit cards also charge fees of course, but the rate is much lower - only 4.7% on average for international processing.)"

I am sharing this as a request and a gentle reminder that it is so much better for SAQA to be able to have the permanent records that the online registration provides, avoids the processing fees and allows for easy and permanent tracking of memberships.

Looking forward to many GREAT summer opportunities for members gathering across Central Canada, I wish you all a restful, fun-filled summer with family and friends and terrific STUDIO TIME, creative and inspired summer days. Please be sure to tell your friends about SAQA and the great opportunities that await them as new members.... and feel free to refer them to either Sharon Collins, Dwayne Wanner or to me,  with any questions they might have.

Bethany Garner, Kingston, ON
SAQA Central Canada Co-Rep