Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CAROL WIEBE shares exciting "OPEN BOOK FOR THE ALTERED EGO" Course at Wellington County Museum

Carol Wiebe will be Instructing a class called OPEN BOOK FOR THE ALTERED EGO this summer, and would love to have you join her to share the excitment and creativity! Should you be unable to attend, both  Carol and Nan Hogg at The Wellington County Museum  would deeply appreciate your sharing this information with friends and groups you belong to.
 (See the details of Carol's class on page 3 of the brochure linked at the webpost below.)

Carol will be teaching some of the methods she has written about as a contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine, at Workshop on the Web, Fibre & Stitch, etc. She is passionate about stitching and painting on paper, and turning it into works of art, be they books, paintings, Cracked Paper Quilts, paper art dolls, or whatever the workshop participants and Carol as Instructor can dream up!

Information can be found on this webpost (A Passionate Exploration).