Friday, April 27, 2012

TWIST Fibre Festival, August 24-26 in St.-Andre Avellin, QC

The TWIST Fibre Festival - Traditional meets Contemporary - is a non profit organization created by President and CEO Amélie Blanchard, a resident of St-André-Avellin who is totally passionate about textile fibre.

The idea for the festival stemmed from the desire to create a major annual event that would attract all fibre lovers and enthusiasts.
TWIST , August 24-26, 2012 in St-André Avellin, is a unique fibre festival in Québec bringing together the most important players in the field.
TWIST is an annual event that serves as a showcase of the fibre world and is intended for the general public, enthusiasts, fibre producers, fleece animal breeders, transformers, artists, artisans, professionals and semiprofessionals.
TWIST is a 3-day event featuring dozens of workshops, activities, an art exhibit with a modern twist and over 65 exhibitors from all trades of the fibre industry and dozens of workshops (spinning, felting, weaving, knitting, dyeing and marketing)
It will be an amazing event to have a booth if you are a fibre artist or a fibre-related guild. Booths are still available by contacting :
Amélie Blanchard
(819) 983-1792
Web site
Furthermore, Wabi Sabi is exploring the possibility in having a bus from Ottawa to St-André Avellin on Saturday, August 25, 2012. If you think you might be interested, let them know at 613-725-5648 or
Note: St- André Avellin is in the Petite-Nation, near Montebello in Quebec. It is about 90 minutes drive from Ottawa.