Saturday, March 24, 2012

Join us for the SAQA CENTRAL CANADA "EASTERN GROUP" MEETING on April 14, 2012 in Brockville

Please mark your calendar for the next gathering of the SAQA CENTRAL CANADA "Eastern Group" members at St. Lawrence College, Room 114, 8 am - 4 pm on Saturday, April 14, 2012.  All Central Canada members are invited and encouraged to attend this spring meeting. Please invite your friends who have been interested in SAQA and all of it's wonderful benefits to Fibre Arts and ART Quilt enthusiasts to join us as well.

The College is located on Parkdale Ave. just east of  Highway 29 and near the 401/ Highway 29 exit. Please contact Bethany Garner, Co-Rep for more details or for visit MAPQUEST for maps from your area. The college is on the north side of Parkdale Av., just past the Upper Canada Mall.

The morning Business Meeting will begin with an "Introductions" period to allow members who have not attended our SAQA Cantral meetings in the past to get to know the many members who are active in SAQA at this end of the Province. Please plan to bring a piece of your work for our "CREATIVE BUFFET" to be shared just before Lunch, and tuck in a few business cards or advertising cards from upcoming shows in your area to share with the members in attendance.

Also on the Agenda for the Morning Session will be news of our next opportunity to share the beautiful SYNTHESIS II Exhibition as it travels to the John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville's Public Library for June and July 2012. We are hoping that Pat Caffery and Judith Popiel will be in attendance to share an update of all of the Brockville Exhibition plans, as the Laurentian Foothills piece created by SAQA friends in 2010 will also be exhibited in the next door gallery at the Parrott while Synthesis II is on exhibition. The Laurentian Hills artists have been invited to add one more piece of their new work to the exhibition.

News and shared experiences from those who will be attending the SAQA/SDA Conference in Philadelphia on March 30 - April 1, 2012 will  be a highlight of the morning. For those attending, please plan to bring some of your great memories from the conference, Fibre Philadelphia, your class experiences and photos/memorabilia if you are a Conference attendee.

The next SAQA/SDA Conference will be held in Santa Fe, NM in the spring of 2013. Details are on the SAQA website. Have a peek and just imagine Spring 2013 in Santa Fe!

We hope to have news to share of the special Exhibition being planned by SAQA Co-Rep Dwayne Wanner and the members of the SAQA Central Western Group for the fall of 2012 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Everyone Welcome. Contact SAQA Co-Rep. Dwayne Wanner for details at

After a shared "Brown Bag" lunch period, and before starting the afternoon session, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful work members have brought to share in more detail and talk to the artists. Coffee and teas will be provided.

Area Coming Events and the many Calls to Entry from SAQA will be on the agenda for the first part of the afternoon. Please make sure that each of you comes prepared with questions or ideas about how our SAQA Central Canada Groups can be best represented in SAQA International.

Planning for the summer/fall/winter meetings for SAQA Central's Western Group will be the last item on the agenda for the day.

After the Business Meeting, we will make time to enjoy some terrific techniques as a small team of volunteers takes the floor to share with those attending the meeting some of the newest of the new tools and techniques that they have been exploring. If YOU are interested in sharing a technique or new tool, great resources or inspiration for design work you are undertaking, please email Bethany Garner at and let us know.

We hope to see you all at St. Lawrence College on April 14th ... and please feel free to bring friends.

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