Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition Revision

As there has been an additional venue added, and extension of time for the exhibition, TIQE 2012, Hsin-chen Lin has revised the prospectus and entry form for the international artists.


Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2012 Entry Prospectus
Subsequent to the TIQE2009 (Website:, TAQS will organize an international art quilt exhibition possessed of artistic and educational quality. TIQE2012 will focus on global issues and highlight the creation of quilting is not only the interpretation of techniques but also the contemporary artistic merit of environmental care and the spirit of humanities.

Theme: Moving Water and River
Water and rivers are full of life and nutrient: novelty, freshness, and sustainability symbolize a source of vitality, expecting to convey an energetic, broad, and microcosmic angle of view, as well as each kind of life and existence that water and rivers embrace.

Location: (1) National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan City, Taiwan
Dates: August 11-September 7, 2012
(2) Taichung County Culture Center, Feng Yuan District, Taiwan
Dates: September 22-October 29, 2012
Additional venues will be added
March 25, 2011 Call for entry announced
February 29, 2012 Entry deadline
March 26, 2012 Notification of acceptance via email and announcement on website at
April 10, 2012 Deadline for re-submitting unqualified images of selected artwork
May 15, 2012 Artwork to be RECEIVED at TAQS
August 11, 2012 Exhibition opens in Tainan City/opening reception
September 7, 2012 Exhibition closes in Tainan City
September 22, 2012 Exhibition opens in Feng Yuan District
October 29, 2012 Exhibition closes in Feng Yuan District
December 14, 2012 Return artwork to artists

Entry Form

Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2012 Entry Form
A: Artist Name(s)
1. Individual:
2. Group(s):________________________________________________________
Nationality: _________________________________________________________
Address (shipping):___________________________________________________
Website or blog:______________________________________________________

Title of work:________________________________________________________
Size (height x width), in cm:_____________________________________________
Year Completed:______________________________________________________
Is TIQE 2012 the first time this work will be exhibited:
□Yes □No
Insurance value in Dollars:______________________________________________
Creative concepts (50 words or less):______________________________________
Artist’s statement (25 words or less):_______________________________________
Materials and techniques (25 words or less):___________________________________

Artists will be asked to agree with these Terms and Conditions:

I agree to loan my work to Taiwan Art Quilt Society for exhibition purpose and agree my work to be available until the end of the exhibit closing. I further agree to permit the images of detail and full and/or all or part of my artist’s statement to be used in the exhibit catalog, articles, ads, promotions, books, websites, blogs, CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and /or multi-media productions.


Please duplicate this form if more works are offered.