Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Correction to last post....Karen Goetzinger - Personal Trainer to Textile Artists

Ever wish you had a personal trainer for the business of art?
Someone to help you set goals, provide feedback and accountability?
A tutor to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses with clear assessments?
Or maybe this is you—you’ve taken a plethora of workshops, you have an abundance of supplies, and you have a wealth of work and ideas but don’t seem to have a clear direction.
Are you standing at the cusp of being a hobbyist and studio artist and wondering, “How do I take the next step?”

Whether the next step relates to your creative process, presentation, marketing or a combination of these, your personal one-on-one tutoring will begin as we take a look at what you have already accomplished and what you would like to achieve going forward. The sessions will lead you to clear goals, both long term and short term and tailored-for-you action points to move you forward toward your goal.

First 3-Hour Session - Clarifying, distilling and setting goals

Second 3-Hour Session - One month later to follow-up with motivational feedback, tweak your goals as necessary and create new action points.

Additional Follow-up 3-Hour Sessions - As you feel the need. For more information or to schedule your first session contact Karen at: quiltopia@sympatico.ca 613-231-4894