Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fibrations Update

Several of our members have participated in this unique fund raising event organized by Dwayne Wanner.
The pieces are now up for auction and can be viewed at The site is wonderful and explains this exciting event.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Galerie Ouest presents
The Exquisite Corpse: A New Take

The Original Exquisite Corpse

In the 1920s, the Surrealists developed a game that involved creating a collage of words or pictures called the Cadavre Exquis or the Exquisite Corpse.

It was played with several people, each of whom wrote a phrase or drew
an image on a sheet of paper, then folded it to conceal what they created
and passed it on to the next person, who added their contribution.

Only at the end of the game was the whole poem or creation revealed.
The name “Exquisite Corpse” was taken from the first phrase that was generated by this game:
“The exquisite corpse--shall drink--the young wine.”

We invite artists to join in our game and create their own strange but compelling works for our exhibition

Call for Entry
The Rules of This Exquisite Corpse Game

Each artist will select two others with whom to collaborate.
Each collaborative project will be divided into three equal-sized sections:
o Section 1: The head and neck
o Section 2: The torso
o Section 3: The legs and feet
The Exquisite Corpse does not necessarily need to be human or follow human anatomy.

Words such as head, neck, torso and legs may merely be points for metaphoric departure. Or not!

We anticipate that most will be two-dimensional, but some 3D Exquisite Corpses can also be accepted.

Size: this refers to the completed piece including all three sections.
2D works should be sized 10” wide x 36” long (individual sections: 10” x 12”, connecting on the 10”

3D works: Maximum 40” high. Please provide installation details and any special requirements.
Sections need not be created on paper as the Surrealists created them.

These Exquisite Corpses may have a base of fabric, felt or paper, or a combination. However the artists must indicate how the three sections are connected together, and present them as a whole to the jury. They may be affixed to a base of heavy paper.

It is important that players do not see each other’s sections before they complete their own
section. If you work sequentially (i.e. one person does the head, then passes it to the next for the
torso, etc.), you should cover your section with paper or plain fabric when sending it on to the
next player.

Although it is permissible for a group to discuss “connectivity” within the piece as a whole, i.e. something to connect the sections, we encourage participants to honour the rules of the game and play in the spirit of the Surrealists... and above all, to have fun with your entries!

The submissions will be juried to select works that embody a high standard of creative expression and craftsmanship while adhering to the spirit of the original game. Galerie Ouest will be responsible for the final selection of works, framing and display.

November 12: Deadline for receipt of entries and fees
November 21: Notification of acceptance emailed to artists
December 5: Deadline for receipt of framing fee for accepted 2D entries
January 20-29, 2012: Exhibition at Galerie Ouest
January 30-February 26, 2012: Exhibition at the Beaconsfield Library

There is a non-refundable entry fee of $30 for each submission. This submission may include up to three entries per group, i.e. each group may submit 3 Exquisite Corpses (9 body sections) for the $30 fee.

There is a further fee for all selected 2D entries of approximately $40 to cover the cost of framing.
Successful entrants will be advised of the exact cost at the time of acceptance and be asked to remit this amount by December 5, 2011.

Entry Rules
1. All submissions must adhere to the rules of the game found on the first page.
2. The title of the work and the names of the three co-creators must be legibly marked on the back of each entered piece (or in some other suitable spot for 3D entries).
3. There will be one contact person for the submission, delivery, sales and collection of the group’s work.
Each group may enter up to three works.
4. Any artist may be a member of more than one group.
5. Selected 2D works will be framed in a suitable black frame by Galerie Ouest, either with or without glass,
depending on the nature of the work, at the cost of the co-creators.
6. Galerie Ouest will photograph some or all of the selected works to use for publicity purposes. Your entry constitutes your permission for the Committee to take and so use any such photographs, film, video or other images of your work.

Insurance: It is the responsibility of each group of artists to have appropriate insurance for the work while in transit to and from the exhibition and for the duration of the exhibition.

Sales will be permitted during the exhibition; however no purchaser may take possession of the work
before the completion of the exhibition at Galerie Ouest. The gallery will charge 20% commission on any sales.

Submitting Your Entry
Each group of co-creators must provide the following:
1. A completed copy of the accompanying Entry Form signed by the designated Contact Artist. If any of the entries are 3D, written instructions regarding any installation details and/or any special requirements must be attached.
2. Nonrefundable $30 fee per entry, up to three entries per group, by cheque or money order made payable to Helena Scheffer.
3. Actual finished but unframed works.
When the nature of the 2D works permit, they may be folded between the sections and mailed in a large envelope, protected by cardboard or rolled and mailed in a tube.
All 3D works must be ready for hanging or installation, with clear written instructions for assembly. All such assembly instructions, hanging rods, stands, or other devices required for exhibition of the work must be included with the work at the time of delivery.
All entry material---the actual works, the entry form (including any assembly instructions), and the entry fee---should be mailed, couriered or delivered to Helena Scheffer, 33 Lakeshore Road, Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 4H5.
Deliveries may be made in person on November 12 between 10 am and 5 pm. You may contact Helena directly by phone 514-695-8249 or email to obtain driving directions or to make arrangements for alternate delivery in extraordinary circumstances.
All entry materials, however submitted, must be received no later than November 12, 2011.

Return of Non-Selected Works
Those works not selected for the exhibit may be returned to the designated contact person as follows:
You may collect your non-selected work at the home of Helena Scheffer.
Dates for pick-up will be determined later.
Any entries received by mail can be returned by mail if you include appropriate return postage with your entry and if your entry either arrived in a reusable container or if you also include a self-addressed envelope.

Return of Selected Works after Completion of Exhibition
To be announced
Please print this form, fill in the required information, attach any required 3D information, and sign the form for submission
Galerie Ouest presents
The Exquisite Corpse: A New Take
Entry Form
Contact Artist
First and Last Names: ____________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Phone (home): (____)____________ Phone (work): (____)____________Phone (cell): (____)____________
Group Member
First and Last Names: ____________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Phone (home): (____)____________ Phone (work): (____)____________Phone (cell): (____)____________
Group Member
First and Last Names: ____________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Phone (home): (____)____________ Phone (work): (____)____________Phone (cell): (____)____________
For any 3D submission, please provide installation details and any special requirements on separate attached sheet
Entry #1
Title:_________________________________________ Sale Price or NFS:______
Materials & Processes: ____________________________________________________________________
_________________________________Tick one: 2D or 3D If 3D, W:_______ H:_______ D:_______
Entry #2
Title:_________________________________________ Sale Price or NFS:______
Materials & Processes: ____________________________________________________________________
_________________________________Tick one: 2D or 3D If 3D, W:_______ H:_______ D:_______
Entry #3
Title:_________________________________________ Sale Price or NFS:______
Materials & Processes: ____________________________________________________________________
_________________________________Tick one: 2D or 3D If 3D, W:_______ H:_______ D:_______
Preferred Method of Collecting Non-Selected Works (please tick one):
Pick up at the home of Helena Scheffer, 33 Lakeshore Road, Beaconsfield
Return by mail in the self-addressed stamped envelope included with this entry form
WAIVER: On behalf of all three artists involved in this entry, I acknowledge that we are responsible for insuring our work and release Galerie Ouest, and the Beaconsfield Library from any responsibility in the case of loss of, or damage to, our goods while in transit to/from the exhibits, in storage before and after the exhibits, and throughout the duration of the exhibit. We
give permission for the Organizers and Agents of the Project to take photographs of our accepted works and to use any of those images and the information submitted for publicity and promotional purposes, which includes electronic, printed and
televised mediums etc.
Contact Artist’s Signature
Entry Mailing & Delivery Address: Helena Scheffer, 33 Lakeshore Road, Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 4H5
All entry materials must be received no later than November 12, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elaine Quehl in Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine

Elaine Quehl's name and article are listed on the cover of the July issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.

On the inside you will find her article "Art Quilting as a Career ", along with many photos of her work.

Some months ago Elaine was invited to be the featured "In the Art Studio Fabric Artist" for July, which involved writing an article and submitting photos. Read her story about how she turned her art quilts into a career. MQU is a subscription only magazine, but you can order back issues on-line.

Posted by L. Morin

Elaine Quehl in PAQA

Elaine Quehl's quilt "In the Act' was selected to appear on the poster publicizing the "Movement" show, organized by the Professional Art Quilt Alliance-South (PAQA-South) in Durham, North Carolina.

Lyric Kinard, the curator for the show, has posted a review and photos of all the works in the show on her blog. It is always fun to enjoy an on-line show in the comfort of your own home

Kingston Fibre Artists show in Brockville

Several of our members are appearing in the Kingston Fibre Artists show in Brockville.

The show runs from June 3 - Sept 21 2011.

The opening of the show is on June 11th at The Brockville Museum ... treats and meet the artists between 2-5 pm.

Posted by L. Morin