Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fibras Musicales Update...from Dwayne Wanner

Fibras Musicales Update

The peripatetic nature of the summer concert series provides us with an opportunity to reach an even larger number of buyers for the fibre art pieces and hopefully expands our audience. Subsequent shows and events in the area will reinforce our position in the market.

The Fibras Musicales exhibition will be mounted for each of the three concerts at St. Christopher’s in Burlington and again for each of the five concerts at Mohawk college. In the interim the works will be on permanent display at the Burlington arts centre.. The following is a tentative schedule of this peripatetic fibre art exhibition.

1. June 11 to June 26 . St Christopher’s Anglican church, Burlington- Three concerts will be held there and the audience will have a chance to view and bid on the works before during and after each concert.
Concerts will be Beethoven Strauss and Brahms Estimated attendance 3000- there may be some overlap between people who attend more than one concert in the series

2. June 26 to July 14 Burlington Art center
This is a public gallery and expected attendance over the period is estimated at 500-1000 individuals over this time frame. The works will be on constant display

3. July 14 to August 11 Mohawk College
The works will be on display at each concert in a new foyer area next to the concert hall. During this period there will be 5 concerts with an attendance of 1000 at each concert.( subscriber overlap) Programs will include Chopin, Sibelius, Russian Romantics, Carmen arias and the special Spanish night of August 11.

4. The final tour date and closing bid concert at the Royal Botanical Gardens concert on August 14.
The works will be on a special internet website as well as the Brott festival website.

We are building special transport and holding cases to store the works between concerts at St. John’s and Mohawk. Secure storage is available for such units at these sites.

I have attached a concert / exhibition schedule which still may change.. However if you will be in the area and want tickets to a concert let me know. I will have some tickets available for some concerts

Schedule: Deliveries of works.
May 1, 2011 - we need to have received some picture and bio data etc so we can start making labels etc.

If you have pictures of completed projects earlier please send them as we will try and use them in brochures and will paste them to web site as soon as received.

I must have the real article in my hands by June 1 if we are to complete web site photos catalogue etc.However please do not ship before May 15 as I will not be ready to receive them. I finish the Halton Quilt exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens on May 15.

Thank you once again for your participation in what is becoming a somewhat different kind of art show. Our association with classical symphonic music establishes a standard. At the same time we are bringing fibre art to people who should be interested in it as art. This is a first effort and I appreciate your courage and support.