Monday, February 28, 2011

"One Female at a Time" by B.J. Reid

B. J. Reid's piece called 'One Female at a Time' will be on display in a group exhibition at the United Nations Building in Geneva, Switzerland from March 1 - 25, 2011. The theme for the challenge was Women - Peace and Security. The official opening for the show is March 8th, the International Day of Women.
Here's what B.J. has to say about the piece:

B.J. Reid
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Peace and security in women’s lives have been issues for me for quite some time. All forms of physical and mental abuse, whether inflicted by family, friend or invader, are truly abhorrent. When given to women, the actions behind the words quilted here (beginning with ‘love’, revealing a message and ending with ‘equality’) bring peace to women keeping them safe and secure – one female at a time.
One woman is vulnerable, but the voices of many women will be heard.

Congratulations B.J.