Thursday, November 25, 2010

Summary of Nov. 24 Parlour Meeting

What a meeting!  Groundbreaking and exciting!

Thanks to our new member Dwayne Wanner, we took a giant leap into the world of modern technology and provided a live feed for members in Toronto and environs so they could watch and listen from the comfort of their homes as the meeting unfolded. Plans are already underway to use a surface mount microphone at our February meeting so listeners can easily hear the group's discussion. And we will extend an invitation to all our members to log in and join us this way.  The only downside was the lunch break when participants were savouring all the delicious dishes and out-of-towners could only listen in with envy. :)

We covered Topic 6 of Alyson Stanfield's Artist's Marketing Plan: Assess and Improve Your Exhibition and Sales Opportunities.  If you would like to have the materials, contact Karen to obtain a password and you can retrieve them from the Art Biz blog.  (In February we will cover Topic 7: Promote Yourself and Your Work. Gather together all your promotional materials and printing sources to share or names of software you use and prepare to take lots of notes!)

Then curators Pat Caffery and Cathy Breedyk-Law presented an update on Synthesis II, which was tremendously exciting.  Updates will be posted regularly on our special Synthesis II page on this blog, and today's information will be posted there this weekend. The call for entry will be posted officially in January, but they know you are keen to hear the details, so stay tuned.

Information about how to photograph your work was exchanged, ranging from settings on digital cameras to hiring a professional photographer. Quick glimpses of Artist's Butler (software for keeping an inventory of your work, resume, mailing list, etc.), a tour of our blog and discussion of Calls for Entry, and a look at SAQA-U followed.

There's a new page on our blog called "Recommendations."  If you read a good book, try a new product, or have anything you would like to recommend to our members, this is the place to post it.  First entry is a book review.  Enjoy!