Monday, September 27, 2010

Synthesis II

It's time to begin organizing a follow-up to our very successful first show, Synthesis, organized by Karen Goetzinger.  The hope is that we will again be able to organize a list of venues across the country, so work must begin now if we wish to have a show for 2012 or 2013.

Members who attended the Parlour Meeting on Sept. 23 were so enthused, they began signing up right away, but there are still 12 openings.  Please peruse the volunteer descriptions available here

The chart below will be updated as members email Mary where they would like to help out.

Curatorial Staff
Pat Caffery
Cathy Breedyk Law
Helga Zimmerly
(will assist)
Elizabeth Sacca
(will assist)
Call for Entry
Shirley White
Margaret Dunsmore

Jury Liaison
 Ann Bird 
Judith Popiel

Ditte Cloutier
Elizabeth Sacca
Bethany Garner

Elaine Quehl
Catherine Timm
Heather Dubreuil

Sharon Collins

Karen Goetzinger: Consultant   
Mary Pal: Treasurer