Monday, September 27, 2010

Parlour Meeting Summary

     We had a great turnout at Cathy's lovely studio in Perth on Sept. 23rd.
     After mingling and enjoying the Creative Buffet of extraordinary art works, the group introduced themselves and highlighted any recent news.  Then Mary discussed the results of the regional survey, including the fact that there is a split in the group - some members would like to have opportunities to learn surface design techniques.  many opportunities for workshops exist outside of SAQA, although Mary pointed out that individual members are encouraged to get together for technique days - she would be happy to advertise these on the blog, so that smaller groups could get together to experiment with any number of surface design techniques.  The survey discussion culminated with the questions surrounding the possibility of a regional exhibition.  Interestingly, 98% of members are in favour of a juried group show; only 31% are interested in volunteering to organize such a show. Karen outlined the duties (coming soon in a separate post) and members began signing up.
     Lynne gave a presentation explaining the importance of knowing your collectors, based on Alyson Stanfield's marketing salon.  The group discussed Calls for Entry, and several members extolled the virtues of subscribing to whereby you receive email notices about fibre-related calls. A technical glitch prevented us from viewing a demo of Artist's Butler, but a free download is available at so you can enter 10 works of art to see how it works, and if you like it, it's only $30. Mary brought a sample of a giclee of a piece of fibre art which she had done at Proulx Bros in Ottawa.
     Next parlour meeting will be some time in November.