Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Synthesis show

Hi All,
I wanted to share with you the email I received from FibreWorks Gallery yesterday. It is the last stop for Synthesis.
              Hi Karen

The Synthesis" exhibit was enjoyed by many - 1036 gallery visitors viewed the beautiful textiles. I am now packing up the remaining works, and am enclosing a return inventory with the shipment, along with photocopies of the comments pages of our guest book relating to the exhibition.  We sold Pamela Allen’s “Anniversary Couple”.  
Thank you for the opportunity to exhibit SAQA members' wonderful work – very best wishes to all of your members.
Yvonne Stowell
FibreWorks Studio & Gallery
As soon as I receive the box containing the remaining pieces (some were already picked up) I will get them repackaged and sent back to you. Those of you in the Ottawa Valley area, if you can pick them up from me that would be very helpful as our funds are getting low and it would save on postage. If I receive them in time for the Sept 23 SAQA meeting in Perth, I will bring them along then.

Congratulations to Pamela on the sale of her work, "Anniversary Couple!!"  That is good news for all of us!

Thank you all so much for entering this show two years ago. Thank you for allowing your pieces to travel throughout Canada for two years. Wherever Synthesis was exhibited, it brought many good comments and a new awareness of textiles as an art medium and that is what SAQA is all about!