Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Next Parlour Meeting Thurs., September 23rd - 10:30 - 2 pm

Summer greetings to one and all! September is around the corner, and with it an exciting new year for our regional SAQA group. By now most of you have sent in your responses to the survey we sent around, so we are using your feedback to guide us as we plan our activities and topics.  If you haven't filled in your survey yet, please do so - it's your way of ensuring this group's activities are of value to you!

You will notice something new at the top of this page: a tab for SAQA Calls for Entry.  This came about as some members found it difficult to find previous Calls in the blog archives. Now they'll be in one easy-to-find place.  If you type your email address into the white "Subscribe" box at the top right of this page, you will receive an automatic notification every time the blog is updated.  As this is our central "message board," don't forget to send me your news as it happens: exhibitions, publications, articles about your work - and photos to post, as well.

At our June meeting, we worked through Alyson Stanfield's Marketing Salon, Parts 3 and 4, so our September meeting - at Cathy Breedyk-Law's studio in Perth (thanks, Cathy!) - will include a discussion of Topic 5: "Describe Your Collectors." You can find this at and Karen will give you the password if you don't have it yet.

Our agenda also includes going over the survey results, considering an exhibition for 2011, reviewing current calls for entry, seeing a demo of the software: Artist's Butler, and then enjoying our two buffets: both creative and culinary.  So please bring a sample of what you've been working on and a potluck dish.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next month - please be kind enough to send Cathy an RSVP so she can set up the appropriate number of chairs. Till then, hope life keeps you in stitches!