Monday, May 24, 2010

Toronto Parlour Meeting Scheduled for June 13th!

Hi everyone,
    It seems that the consensus is to go ahead and meet on June 13th! My suggestion is that we meet at my home for a potluck lunch around noon and bring some show and tell to get us started. Then we can talk about what we want the group to be for/about, how often we’d like to meet, where do we want to meet, etc.
    I will provide cold cuts, cheeses and breads; perhaps a couple of people could bring salad-y type things or cut veggies, and a couple could bring some sweets? I’ll have tea, coffee, bubbly water ,etc. as well. How does all that sound?
    My house is in downtown Toronto. I am quite near the Jameson exit off the Gardiner Expressway, but unfortunately there is now major construction which has close the exit, so the directions to my house are a bit more complicated than usual. Please email me to RSVP and I will give you specific directions.
    Looking forward to seeing you all,