Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SAQA Regional Meeting, April 30th

Thanks to our lovely host, Cathy Breedyk Law, once again for having the SAQA members in her beautiful studio. Attendance was lower than normal because of the change from Thursday to Friday but much was accomplished and as always, the support and inspiration was bountiful.

The morning was dedicated to the Session #2 from Alyson Stanfield’s Marketing Salon.  The session was about setting and achieving goals.  We discussed how writing down goals and making goals measurable were important steps for success.  Different types of calendars were debated, and how the sharing and constant revising of goals keeps us accountable.  The group wrote out sales goals which led to production goals. Our task for the next meeting is to accomplish the goal(s) we each set out for ourselves and to report back to the group.

The next session, #3, on pricing your artwork,  was introduced.  Our task for the next meeting is to download and bring Session #3  (the link is on our blog). This is an important topic for marketing our work, and there will be much to gain by tackling this subject.

There was a Creative Buffet (display of artist works) during the wonderful potluck lunch, and then the Show and Tell focused on Colour and how it impacts our work.

Mary Pal presented a slide show of the joint SAQA-Surface Design conference she attended in March, with exciting photos of works by SAQA and SDA artists.

The group has agreed to create a Regional SAQA trunk show of art works 12” x 12” which would be used to promote SAQA in our Central Canada region and will also be available for other regions to use.  In fact, several members have made it their goal to create a 12” x 12” piece for the SAQA auction for the July delivery deadline and also to create a second piece for the regional trunk show.