Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Helpful Tips from the Perth Parlour Meeting

Business Cards::
  1. (not .ca, which is more expensive) - if you watch for deals, you can get free products and pay only for shipping (like right now:  User-friendly, as you can see your finished product online, but be careful going through the check-out that you don't inadvertently sign up for unwanted products. Re-ordering is super easy. 
  2. is in Toronto, very cheap, very fast and very good.  Their interface is not as intuitive as Vistaprint but they offer terrific phone support if you have any questions on how to upload your file.
  3. For a large variety of images on cute teeny cards check out Moo cards:
Calls for Entry:
  1. One terrific source is Lyric Kinard's site:
  2. A blog called Fiber Art Calls - subscribe by entering your email address.
  3. Ottawa's Art Engine to which you can also subscribe:
Selling artwork from home:

If you have a studio or hallway people see regularly, hang your work there, and have a small card with dimensions and price. Visitors are always interested in what you're working on and it is surprising how much will sell this way.  Thanks to Monique for this tip!