Thursday, May 27, 2010

Judith Sogopo Popiel in Art Tour

Judith Sogopo Popiel will be involved in the Art tour on Amherst Island on July l0th.  Over 30 artists are involved at various studios and galleries and churches throughout the island.  It runs from 11a.m. to 5.p.m. She will be the only Fibre Artist.  Maps and directions will be given at the Museum on the main street in Stella. As well, the museum, art store and gallery on Amherst Island will be selling her work this summer from May 24th to Thanksgiving Weekend. She will also have five pieces of fibre art in the Picton Quilt Show which runs from July ll to July 12. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Parlour Meeting in Perth, ON on Thursday, June 17, 2010

Those of you who can make it to Perth, mark your calendars for our next Parlour Meeting there! Cathy Breedyk Law has once again graciously offered her studio for our meeting, so please RSVP with an email so she knows how many to expect.  
   Mary will be bringing the 64 pieces from SAQA's 20th Anniversary trunk show as part of the Creative Buffet (including Grace Errea's "Eagle Eyes," above). Please bring a current piece of your own to display as well.  
   We will be covering Alyson Stanfield's very important Marketing Salon session on Pricing.  Not registered yet? Just go to and fill it in, listing Karen Goetzinger as your Group Leader.  You will then receive a password to enter the site where you can download and print out each topic.  Pricing is Topic #3.

Toronto Parlour Meeting Scheduled for June 13th!

Hi everyone,
    It seems that the consensus is to go ahead and meet on June 13th! My suggestion is that we meet at my home for a potluck lunch around noon and bring some show and tell to get us started. Then we can talk about what we want the group to be for/about, how often we’d like to meet, where do we want to meet, etc.
    I will provide cold cuts, cheeses and breads; perhaps a couple of people could bring salad-y type things or cut veggies, and a couple could bring some sweets? I’ll have tea, coffee, bubbly water ,etc. as well. How does all that sound?
    My house is in downtown Toronto. I am quite near the Jameson exit off the Gardiner Expressway, but unfortunately there is now major construction which has close the exit, so the directions to my house are a bit more complicated than usual. Please email me to RSVP and I will give you specific directions.
    Looking forward to seeing you all,

Monday, May 17, 2010

SAQA 2009 Trunk Show in Ottawa

   One of SAQA's travelling trunk shows of pieces matted to one-foot-square is in Ottawa for the month of June.  So far, it is booked in three venues, and if you can make it to one, you can see all 64 quilts in person. They're wonderful!
   This trunk show is an excellent sampling of the kind of work our members do, so if you are planning a get-together with fibre artists who are not yet SAQA members, please contact KarenLynne, or Mary to see if we can bring the trunk show to your meeting.
   The Winter 2010 issue of the SAQA Journal (pp. 14-15) outlines many ways this trunk show can be used to educate ourselves about fibre art.
Where to see the Trunk Show:
Monday, June 7 - Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild - 7 pm (visitor fee $5)
Saturday, June 12 - Dragonfly Fabric Shop - 10 am - 4 pm
Monday, June 21 - Out of the Box Fibre Artists - 7:15 pm (visitor fee $5)

Monday, May 10, 2010

This is a Quilt!: SAQA's 2011-2012 Traveling Trunk Show

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) invites all SAQA members to submit work for its 2011-2012 traveling trunk show. This trunk show is designed to showcase SAQA artists, to help educate the public at large about the art quilt, and to serve as a teaching tool for our members. 
Theme: This is a Quilt! How do we as SAQA members explain what we do - create quilts - without people immediately thinking of a nine-patch that goes on your bed? By example, of course! SAQA defines an art quilt as "a contemporary artwork exploring and expressing aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visual arts: painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, assemblage and sculpture, which retains, through materials or technique, a clear relationship to the folk art quilt from which it descends." This definition is purposely broad to accommodate the wondrous and exciting art quilts SAQA members are creating.
General: Create one piece that constitutes an art quilt as defined above. All work will be photographed, matted, and prepared for exhibition by SAQA. The SAQA exhibition committee hopes to publish some or all of the quilts in a book exploring the diversity of art quilts. All quilts will be returned to the artist after the travel schedule has ended.
Size: Minimum 9" per side, maximum 11" per side. The pieces will be matted behind a 12" white or off-white mat with an 8" square opening in the center. Only 8" sq. of your quilt will be visible. Because the artwork will be behind a mat, the edges need not be finished. A very small number of three-dimensional pieces may be included. Please contact the curators for details.
Statement: Write a statement to the curators explaining why, in your mind, this quilt fits the definition. Why did you choose to create this piece as an art quilt and not in a different medium? (200 words maximum). The statement will be attached to the back of the mat.
Materials: Write a separate statement listing the materials and techniques used in the piece.
Submission: Send the piece to curators. Email the statement and materials list in .doc, .rtf, or .odt format to the curators. In your email, please include: your name, address including country, email address, and the name of your SAQA Region (e.g. “Europe/Israel” or “NJ/DE”).
Curators: Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki  4061 Flying C Road, Cameron Park, CA 95682   Tel. 916.320.8774
Dates: Jan 21, 2011 - Art piece due at address listed above
            Feb-Apr 2011 - Works mounted and made ready for travel
            May 18-22, 2011 - Works premiere at 2011 SAQA Convention, Denver, CO
            Through 2012 - Trunk Show travels to regions by request

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Helpful Tips from the Perth Parlour Meeting

Business Cards::
  1. (not .ca, which is more expensive) - if you watch for deals, you can get free products and pay only for shipping (like right now:  User-friendly, as you can see your finished product online, but be careful going through the check-out that you don't inadvertently sign up for unwanted products. Re-ordering is super easy. 
  2. is in Toronto, very cheap, very fast and very good.  Their interface is not as intuitive as Vistaprint but they offer terrific phone support if you have any questions on how to upload your file.
  3. For a large variety of images on cute teeny cards check out Moo cards:
Calls for Entry:
  1. One terrific source is Lyric Kinard's site:
  2. A blog called Fiber Art Calls - subscribe by entering your email address.
  3. Ottawa's Art Engine to which you can also subscribe:
Selling artwork from home:

If you have a studio or hallway people see regularly, hang your work there, and have a small card with dimensions and price. Visitors are always interested in what you're working on and it is surprising how much will sell this way.  Thanks to Monique for this tip!

SAQA Regional Meeting, April 30th

Thanks to our lovely host, Cathy Breedyk Law, once again for having the SAQA members in her beautiful studio. Attendance was lower than normal because of the change from Thursday to Friday but much was accomplished and as always, the support and inspiration was bountiful.

The morning was dedicated to the Session #2 from Alyson Stanfield’s Marketing Salon.  The session was about setting and achieving goals.  We discussed how writing down goals and making goals measurable were important steps for success.  Different types of calendars were debated, and how the sharing and constant revising of goals keeps us accountable.  The group wrote out sales goals which led to production goals. Our task for the next meeting is to accomplish the goal(s) we each set out for ourselves and to report back to the group.

The next session, #3, on pricing your artwork,  was introduced.  Our task for the next meeting is to download and bring Session #3  (the link is on our blog). This is an important topic for marketing our work, and there will be much to gain by tackling this subject.

There was a Creative Buffet (display of artist works) during the wonderful potluck lunch, and then the Show and Tell focused on Colour and how it impacts our work.

Mary Pal presented a slide show of the joint SAQA-Surface Design conference she attended in March, with exciting photos of works by SAQA and SDA artists.

The group has agreed to create a Regional SAQA trunk show of art works 12” x 12” which would be used to promote SAQA in our Central Canada region and will also be available for other regions to use.  In fact, several members have made it their goal to create a 12” x 12” piece for the SAQA auction for the July delivery deadline and also to create a second piece for the regional trunk show.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May - Members' News

Phillida Hargreaves won the grand prize at the Grand National Quilt Show at the Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener!  She's thrilled!
She writes that the show is excellent and well worth a visit. The website is
Her winning piece is called 'The woods are lovely, dark and deep'. An image is on the main SAQA website.

 Catherine Timm's piece "Quiet Winter Forest" was awarded 2nd Place for Excellence for Representational Wallquilt at the National Juried Show Awards Quilt Canada 2010. 
AND she has just learned it was selected for the SAQA Creative Force 2010 exhibition. Juror Chunghie Lee chose 50 pieces from 384 quilts entered by 179 artists.