Sunday, October 24, 2021



is open at the TETT CENTRE

370 King Street West, just off Sir John A Blvd. 

in the west end of downtown Kingston 

October 24-November 4, 2021

10 am to 4 pm, with artists in the Gallery for greetings

To our friends and always to visitors to the SAQA area across Ontario, the Kingston Fibre Artists welcome you to enjoy our Annual Show this next two weeks if you need a lovely ride to Kingston.

14 members, all creating the most beautiful art have finally had the opportunity to come back to the Gallery on the lower level of the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning a located on the Lake Ontario Waterfront.  Our Opening was wonderful yesterday, and we enjoyed seeing many friends, community neighbors and distance visitors enjoying our art over the 10 am to 5 pm first day to visit the Gallery.  

Many of our members are or have been members of SAQA and we certainly have all benefitted from our associations with each of you along the way!

Please share and bring a friend for a lovely walk-through - the artworks are beautiful!! Just a little peek here... starting with the stunning artwork of DENISE SOKOLSKY... above. 

Artwork from left to right: Janet Elliott. Robin Laws Field (top), Seymone Armstrong, Lori Everett, center and far-right, and Wilma Kenny (two floral pieces)

Artwork above by Linda Coulter, Denise Sokolsky, top, Lori Everett, lower, followed by Hilary Scanlon (2 pieces one above the other), Lori Everett (pink and red/circles), and Carolyn Barnett, felted vest.

The group created small fabric boxes (about 30 of them) for support for next year's Gallery Rental and they were very popular - many going home to distances far beyond Kingston as gifts.

Many visitors stopped to chat and share their love of the artwork they were enjoying throughout the day. Our Artists were all there to share the stories of working through 18 months of pandemic lockdowns and staying creative and busy through those long months. 

All in all, Opening was a great day and very inspirational for the visitors and artists alike to be together in person once again - all COVID protocols in place, masks on, and QR codes checked at the door... a big change over the many years we have shared art with guests.

Artwork shared here created by Robin Laws Field, Bethany Garner, and Janet Elliott!

Many more wonderful pieces awaiting your visit! Hope to see you before November 4th... Everyone WELCOME!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

MAKING ART... a summer project and a wonderful opportunity. How have each of you here in Central Canada Region been doing? Please do share...



QUESTIONING, What's Next, Bethany Garner, 2021, Cloth in Common, Art Quilt

Summer is flying by and it has been a busy albeit fairly locked down summer... and being able to create ARTWORK is all the fun I need to just keep working away during these days when we all are still pretty well homebound. We arts practitioners are busy enjoying walks, taking solace in the world around us, and yes, setting calendar dates for possible openings for galleries and shows. MAYBE even being together with the friends and relatives we all love so very much to be with... LIVE, in the same room or at least out of doors... a few feet apart!

Living in the beautiful City of Kingston, ON, and sharing the water views from Lake Ontario through my Studio window with a few visitors is wonderful! As the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning opened its doors once again to the public - all Kingston Frontenac Health Unit rules in place and being observed so well, we are seeing a few visitors now and then. Many folks are just staying close to home and immediate family!!

I recently accepted an invitation to become a member of CLOTH IN COMMON, a tremendous 12 Artist Collective of the most amazing artists, living and practicing their art worldwide. Having followed this group for MANY years now as they shared their new artwork, created in the homes/studios that I would dearly love to be able to step into one day... I am honored to have this opportunity. Over the past few weeks, I finished my first contribution to the group's ROUND 3 Series. Each year, 6 quilts, created by each member, working on the agreed STRUCTURES theme and with a prompt by Karol Kusmaul to work on FACES.

My 40"h x 26"w quilt started with the base fabric from Cultured Expressions and owner Lisa Shepherd in New Jersey, USA. Her cloth lines are original, created by young artists in Africa, and are a group I have supported with cloth coming into my collection over many years. This piece is Jacquard linen, hand-dyed and purchased as a 2 m. piece. It speaks to me of the virus that is circulating through the background of our lives... and while yes, I know this piece was created long before we knew about the Covid-19 virus, the artist who created the cloth may have had experience with circulating. deep visions in her own creative mind.

I selected fabrics from my growing Marcia Derse collection, and drafted some small line figures and card stock patterns, and got going... creating a group of ten figures with BLANK faces - unknown but collective friends I may know, but perhaps are gathered somewhere about the world during these pandemic days. What are they considering - "QUESTIONING, What's Next". Africa has billions of humans who have not even seen a vaccine... no shots in arms, no outdoor vaccination centres, drive-throughs, health unit walk-in centres... AND SO MANY LIVES WERE LOST TO THE PANDEMIC..

The people gathered here in my workspace... each little figure a bit different and giving me the time to think about where we are, and who we could be if we just all pitched in to save the world!

The finish line was set by a "prompt sharing" on the 27th-31st of  July, when each member of the collective shared their work and story on our blog: (have a good peek and enjoy all of the series and artwork, and if you have time, go into Rounds 1 and 2 and see what has happened as the artists worked through the various themes and prompts over the years.

Finally, I added a series of hand-stitches and may add more now that the piece is "finished and framed (and yes, I can do that now, filling empty spaces carefully by hand). Hope you enjoyed the story!

See you along the way - at my Studio 214D the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning on W. King Street in Kingston, or here at the blog. I will try harder to get back to posting along the way! Hard to believe we are walking into August! 

just send your text and photos to me at:{at} and let's get your post up!

Missing all of my SAQA Central Canada friends!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Virtual presentation of Colour with a U at the Muse, 

Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora, ON

Tuesday, June 15th at 7pm CT (8pm ET)

While Ontario is allowing some outdoor activities, unfortunately, Museums will remain closed for some time yet. This means that the Muse is not able to open its doors to visitors to see the fully installed Colour with a U exhibition at the museum.

You are invited to join Lori Nelson, Curator of the Muse, and Tracey Lawko, Colour with a U Travelling Exhibition Co-ordinator, for a virtual tour of the 33 wonderful art quilts on Tuesday, June 15th at 7pm CT. 

Please email to register.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Inspired by the art we all share here in Ontario and beyond as fibre artists, Bethany Garner shares an evening TETT TALK in support of the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, ON

   (photo inspiration, Virginia Spiegel, SAQA Artist, and arts practice friend)

ART of Creativity and Survival during the Pandemic

Bethany Garner

The Tett presents resident artist for a ZOOM presentation on May 20, 2021

6:30-8 pm in Studio D, Tett Creativity Studios


During the past year, the time I have been able to spend with my arts practice as a Resident Artist at the TETT Centre's CREATIVITY STUDIOS has been a quiet meditation on the situation we have all been exploring together during the Pandemic Days here in Canada and specifically in Kingston.

I am so pleased to be one of nine Resident Studio Artists who each practice their skills and create amazing new art in their studios at the TETT. Since joining the cohort in 2019, I have so enjoyed the opportunity to share my skills and artwork with students and visitors across the Kingston and Frontenac County area and beyond. While the time is available, we all are using our Studio space to create when time and the pandemic Health Regulations allow. The chance to be actively teaching in-person classes has been restricted for quite a long time. 

WE MISS YOU, our art friends, dancers, musicians and visitors!

This presentation allows me the chance to not only support the Kingston Arts Community through your registration and attendance at the TETT Centre's TETT TALK on May 20th, but to have the time for sharing an evening of my artwork, talk about what inspires me to continue exploring new skills and techniques and celebrate those who inspire me! It will be fun to enjoy an in-person chat with each of you attending and share how I have survived the quiet days and weeks during the pandemic's progression over the past 13 months.

I do hope that you will come along and enjoy time with our Community friends who love a Zoom talk... and the chance to have time for questions and share your thoughts about your artwork is important to me. We will have time at the end of my presentation to do just that!

Joining the presentation is easy: just click on the EVENTBRITE link at the top of the page and register through their tickets portal for your seat in our evening talk. The donations of your fee will go directly to the TETT Centre for the ongoing support of classroom events starting as soon as our KFL&A Public Health professionals are able to lift the restrictions for in-person classes at the TETT. 

We all look forward to those wonderful days with area friends and especially the youngsters to seek to come and visit and learn with us here at the TETT.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THE LINK to register with friends near and far. Everyone welcome! 

I look forward to having time with you and please feel free to share our link for the talk... the more who attend, the more chance for YOU to share in the evening of slides sharing, artwork viewing and learning about my inspiration with friends around the world as I work on projects during these quiet days.


The TETT Centre, 370 King Street West, Kingston, ON

TWO GIRLS AND A CANOE, Bethany Garner, 2021 
Now on display at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in Elora/Fergus, ON

      Under the needle in Studio 214 D at the TETT, Bethany's new Indigo wall quilt ready for framing...

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hi Everyone...

Here we are in a Provincial 'shutdown again" effective today, April 3, 2021.  I am sharing this important notice from Tracey Lawko about the status of the COLOUR WITH A U and the sister exhibition, COLOUR WITH A U TOO. Hoping you have a good Easter weekend and that you will all continue to stay in touch as you move through the next 28 days.

Gallery Closures are affecting both

Colour with a U and Colour with a U Too

Ontario has just entered a new lockdown and this is affecting both of our exhibitions.

Agnes Jamieson Gallery in Minden, showing Colour with a U Too, is closed until further notice.

The Muse, Lake of the Woods Museum, in Kenora is all ready to show Colour with a U, but will not open on April 6th as planned. The gallery is closed until further notice.

We look forward to when these galleries can once again welcome visitors and you can see these wonderful art quilts in person!

Tracey Lawko
Chair, "Colour with a U” Travelling Exhibitions
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

 A Message From Tracey Lawko, 

COLOUR WITH A  "U" TOO Coordinator


Last 10 days to see Colour with a U Too 
at Agnes Jamieson Gallery!

Tuesday, March 16th - Saturday, April 10, 2021
10am - 4pm

176 Bobcaygeon Rd.
Minden, ON

Masks required. Maximum 10 people at a time. 
No appointment is necessary. 

Friday, March 12, 2021


Susan Selby - Green to Make my Heart Sing

Colour with a U Too
Agnes Jamieson Gallery
Minden, Ontario, Canada
March 16 - April 10, 2021

Colour with a U Too is a juried exhibition of 9 art quilts created by Canadian SAQA members. In Canada, we spell colour with a “u”. We care about the “u”, it makes us unique. We care about the “you”, it brings us together. Nine artists have reflected on the theme of diversity and inclusion to give “colourful” representations of our Canadian cultural identity. Each offers an individual perspective on how we as Canadians see ourselves in our social, historical, and physical landscape.

Gallery location:
Minden, ON

Masks required. Maximum 10 people at a time. No appointment necessary.

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, "Colour with a U” Travelling Exhibitions
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Please mark your calendar : FUZZY MALL, SAQA Artist, extends an invitation to enjoy his 'FOREST BATH Exhibition', Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON.

Carnegie Gallery
10 King Street West
Dundas, Ontario

April 9- May 2, 2021

Meet and Greet at the Gallery
April 10, 1-3 pm


Gallery Hours: Tues. - Sat 10 am to 4:30 pm, Sunday 12 - 4:30 pm


Sunday, March 7, 2021

STRATA 19, Lorraine Roy



An Exhibition of Textile Art by Lorraine Roy is currently open at the Jordan Gallery until April 30, 2021.

Raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, Roy completed an Honours B.SC in Horticultural Science before opening for a professional career in art textiles. Kindled by an early love of hand embroidery, she eventually learned to 'paint' with fabric using her sewing machine.

All of her work explores connections between art, science, and nature, and most of her imagery is inspired by the biology, mythology, and cultural impact of trees, classic symbols of our connection with the natural world. Lorraine continues to search for insightful and joyful ways to portray our rich and complex kinship with plants and creatures.

The Jordan Art Gallery is currently showing Lorraine Roy's textile artwork in its Spotlight Exhibition space. The Gallery is open 10 am to 5 pm.

Please check before visiting after March 14th, 
as hours may change due to COVID restriction updates.
Phone: 905-562-6680

STRATA 24, Lorraine Roy

DISPERSAL, Lorraine Roy

Jordan Art Gallery SPOTLIGHT  Placement/wall display




Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Message from TRACEY LAWKO, re: COLOUR with a U Exhibitions coming soon to Minden and Thunder Bay...


Dear  SAQA Central Canada members,

After a very successful run in Nova Scotia, “Colour with a U” and “Colour with a U Too”are coming to Ontario.  However, with renewed public health restrictions in the province, opening dates have been delayed. To avoid disappointment, please check the gallery websites for updates, health protocols, appointment bookings, etc.

Colour with a U Too: “soon” - April 10, 2021, Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden 

Colour with a U: “early May” - 13 June, 2021, Thunder Bay Art Gallery

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, "Colour with a U” Travelling Exhibitions
Studio Art Quilt Associates


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Congratulations to our own SUSAN AVISHAI, MARY PAL, MITA GIACOMINI and ANA PAULA BRASIL for this lovely honour... (and my apology to Susan - my fingers missed her name and this is so wonderful for all five of our Ontario artists)

Artists selected for SOFA (now Intersect Chicago)

Congratulations to the twenty artists selected by juror Jane Sauer for Intersect Chicago (formerly SOFA, Sculpture Objects Functional Art). This event takes place annually at Chicago's Navy Pier and focuses on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art, fiber arts, and design. The 2020 event will be presented as an online-only event.


Selected Artists:

Susan Avishai (Ontario, Canada) - Kaddish
Marie Bergstedt (California, USA) - Emerson, Chicago 1930
Beth Blankenship (Alaska, USA) - Virtuous Circle
Linda Blust (Nevada, USA) - Desire
Ana Paula Brasil (Ontario, Canada) - Shooting Star
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - Once Belonged
Shannon Conley (Oklahoma, USA) - Tesseract
Susan Else (California, USA) - Lullaby
Mita Giacomini (Ontario, Canada) - Glimmer
Cindy Grisdela (Virginia, USA) - Neapolitan
Donna Katz (Illinois, USA) - Water Over Sky
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Jewels of Kenya
Susan Lenz (South Carolina, USA) - Wasted Words: War
Viviana Lombrozo (California, USA) - Saturation
Susie Monday (Texas, USA) - Transformation 1 & 2 (Diptych)
Diane Nunez (Michigan, USA) - Two By Two
Mary Pal (Ontario, Canada) - Willie
Susan Rienzo (Florida, USA) - Unknown Stories
Arturo Sandoval (Kentucky, USA) - Pattern Fusion No. 19: Motherboard 10 (vertical)
Sandra Teepen (Georgia, USA) - Chair #2

Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA (SAQA Special Exhibition)

Intersect Chicago (formerly SOFA, Sculpture Objects Functional Art) takes place annually at Chicago's Navy Pier, and focuses on three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art, fiber arts, and design. SAQA was invited to present a Special Exhibition at the 2020 event, which has now been moved online.

•   The online event will open with a VIP Preview Day on November 5, 2020
•   Intersect Chicago: The Future of SOFA will be live and open to the public from November 6-12, 2020
•   Art will be available for sale on Artsy from November 6-December 5, 2020

This is an unparalleled opportunity to present to the art world elite the contemporary viability of fiber as a fine art medium. Twenty pieces have been selected by Juror Jane Sauer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

“Colour with a U Too” opens at 

RiverBrink Art Museum Wednesday, August 5th!
August 5 - September 5, 2020
RiverBrink Art Museum
116 Queenston St.
Queenston, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Call 905-262-4510 or email to book your entry time 

Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 2:30pm (closing at 4pm).

Check for entry protocol.

We hope you will see this exhibition in person! 

You may also see the art quilts virtually. RiverBrink Art Museum showcased “Colour with a U Too” in their “Coffee with the Curator” on July 10th and it is now available online: 

Curator Debra Antoncic provides an interesting introduction referencing the textile work of Joyce Wieland; does a walk-through the exhibition, and invites the artists (most were present) to talk about their work.

And don’t forget, “Colour with a U” continues at Homer Watson House & Gallery, Kitchener, ON until September 7th. You’ll want to see them both!


Tracey Lawko
Chair, Colour with a U Travelling Exhibition
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Friday, June 19, 2020

A Message for our SAQA members and friends across Canada...HOMER WATSON HOUSE & GALLERY soft opening on July 7, 2020 - schedule a time to visit our Canadian Exhibition, COLOUR with a U

A message from Tracey Lawko, Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"

We are delighted to share the fabulous news that Homer Watson House & Gallery will be reopening its doors on Tuesday, July 7th.

Visitors will now be able to enjoy the wonderful art quilts of “Colour with a U”.

You are encouraged to call ahead toHomer Watson House to book your entry slot to avoid wait times. 

Please read the Gallery’s full Entry Protocol

Be sure to check the SAQA website for updates to the exhibition schedule as more venues are announced. 

“Colour with a U” is a juried exhibition of 35 art quilts created by Canadian SAQA members. In Canada, we spell colour with a “u”. We care about the “u”, it makes us unique. We care about the “you”, it brings us together. Thirty-five artists have reflected on the theme of diversity and inclusion to give “colourful” representations of our Canadian cultural identity. Each offers an individual perspective on how we as Canadians see ourselves in our social, historical, and physical landscape.


Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hello Art Quilt enthusiasts,

Many have been asking for news about our two wonderful exhibitions, “Colour with a U” at Homer Watson House and Gallery and “Colour with a U Too” at RiverBrink Art Museum. Both exhibitions have been fully installed, but sadly and understandably, the galleries are closed due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

You can experience these exhibitions virtually through the 60-minute slideshow we prepared for the virtual SAQA moSAiQA conference 
as well as this 3-minute video prepared by Faith Hieblinger, Juror for “Colour with a U.”

Our beautiful 64-page catalogue, complete with Juror essays, includes a full page for each of the 35 artworks selected for “Colour with a U” and the 9 art quilts in “Colour with a U Too”. Copies can be purchased through Homer Watson House & Gallery for $20.00 plus shipping and taxes. (Canadian orders only please.)

US and International orders can be placed through the SAQA store.

“Colour with a U” and “Colour with a U Too” are juried exhibitions of art quilts created by Canadian members of Studio Art Quilt Associates on the theme of diversity and inclusion.

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hi everyone - we are all doing our own ART PLAY at home these days - a full 33 days since the arts programming at the TETT Centre closed down, and classes started being postponed or moved forward in the 2020 calendar - are you still out there and interested???

Well - imagine me about 20 years ago - 

There I was, a younger and eager and dynamic Fibreworks Kingston student who was in a Weekend Workshop classroom with Toronto's master artist in fibre, Marion Spanjerdt, at the St. Lawrence College - and we were given the Board Room in the Executive Wing on the 12000 floor - just for the weekend and yes, it was AWESOME FUN. I so wish I could go back in time and enjoy some fun with artist friends and with the amazing artists from our past!

Homage to Hundertwasser, Marion Spanjerdt
We painted pieces that were intended for collage works and the art play was the very best fun!

There I was with the long hair I was growing out as my big sister Patricia had double mastectomies scheduled and she might lose her hair - so my younger sister, Terrye and I decided to let our hair grow and maybe Patty would need it - she was fine and her hair went totally white (like mine these days) and I was an aspiring teacher at the College and did that for 23 years before the SLC Fibre Arts Programming dissolved before my eyes... to be no longer as a diploma program, as the Arts Funding for Colleges has been cut off by the Province and only short term classes might be added for the programs in Continuing Ed.

So, now I play at the TETT Centre and have some really wonderful students in small classes that carry on as being fun and playful and hope that we will all be back in the classroom together soon.

NOTE: Updated information on classroom dates will follow as soon as I am advised by the City of Kingston. 

The ART OF THE HANDMADE STITCH Class I planned for April 17th has been postponed to May 22nd  and fingers crossed we can get together then. Students have been contacted.

The DYE DAY, ALL ABOUT PLAY class scheduled for May 3rd, 2020 is still on, but may also be postponed for the second time due to the Covid-19 rules for the City of Kingston re-opening for the TETT Centre. 

Fingers crossed we will be together May 3rd, but perhaps not. We have guidelines designed to protect all of our visitors to the TETT as well as the staff and our Instructors. Kingston is doing well, but there are still high spikes across Canada... so we wait!

I have re-booked another date, May 31st in the Rehearsal Hall to allow for the full complement of students to be Physical Distancing safely together in one large room. 

Keep watching here or at the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Blog... and I will be notifying students already enrolled as news comes to me.

Update: I have been advised today by a SAQA Central member that all municipal buildings in Ottawa are closed until the end of June, so who knows. We may receive this information across the country.

Stitch up some fabric masks if you have the supplies and be sure to line them with a non-woven like  new coffee filters or better yet, if you can get ahold of Pellon 830 Non-Woven 'Easy Pattern' nonwoven interfacing from Fabricland or elsewhere online it is a perfect deterrent to any droplets leaving or coming to you! Help protect everyone you come in contact with if you have to be out of the home.

NOTE: I have been advised today that HEPA filter fabrics are NOT appropriate as they may include fibreglass extruded threads... 

Be kind to and tolerant of each other, love your family and MAKE ART! 


Thursday, March 26, 2020

2020 SAQA Central Canada Retreat April 27-30th canceled this date....


A note from Maggie Vanderweit received this morning, and shared with the registered participants for the 2020 SAQA central Canada CRIEFF HILLS Retreat - a sad reality and yet, the very best decision at this time.

Hello dear friends,
I am very sorry to confirm what I am sure you already suspect. We are going to have to cancel the 2020 SAQA retreat. In view of the virus situation, I predict we will still, unfortunately, be needing to socially distance. 

I was soooo looking forward to our time together to create, inspire, connect, recharge and relax. I am sure you are all equally disappointed. It would have been really great.

I have contacted Crieff to let them know our intentions and I'm awaiting their response about our $100 deposits. I wanted you to know about the cancellation first. We will be working out the financial details with you shortly.

I was thinking we could take a page from moSAiQA and have a zoom meeting sometime during that week (April 27th - 30th) to do some show and share and visiting. Are you game to try it? Zooming was an amazing success at the SAQA conference last weekend.

I really hope you are all keeping well, keeping safe and keeping artistically busy! Very big hugs,

I’ll be in touch soon.


Contact Maggie through her FB or website contact links. (or the emails she sent you today).

Hoping all of you will stay in touch with each other, and feel free to send me information to post on SAQA CENTRAL Blog! I would be delighted to have "What I have been doing" articles to share and they should include the text as you want them shared, and large file (2MB or more) jpeg photos to insert with your stories.

Please do be well and happy as work in your home-based studio spaces. Be focused on creating your new dyed, painted, pieced, woven, sculpted and machine and hand-worked pieces for your own art practice. Feel free to share - though Social Media or here on our blog.

Try to support the many initiatives that are needed for our community hospitals and institutions if you are able.

See you again along the way!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The exciting SAQA Spotlight Auction of member artworks (that are simply stunning) opens Thursday March 19th this week, and the bidding is open to EVERYONE - have a peek!.

THANK YOU to all of our SAQA members who donated part or all of their 2020 Conference fees to support our VIRTUAL MoSAiQA Conference starting this Thursday evening, March 19th. DETAILS BELOW
IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED or want to join in NOW  - register today! Our BOLD and COMMITTED Board of Directors and Conference Planners have been working night and day to be able to offer this opportunity to SAQA members around the world!  We welcome each of you to be there with us! 
Conference Details - just click on the dots below for the links!

Conference ScheduleSpeakers Spotlight AuctionFAQ

The 2020 Spotlight Auction is now virtual! 

The Spotlight Auction is an annual event that takes place at every SAQA conference. Donated pieces are sold through a silent auction at the conference banquet. But now it's gone virtual! 

We have over 265 pieces of beautiful artwork donated by SAQA members from around the world. All pieces submitted to the auction will now be available for bidding online and EVERYONE can participate (including non-SAQA members).

Note that pieces are still being added and not all are currently online yet. Please do not contact us if you do not see your piece.

Each piece is mounted on an 8" x 10" mat with a 4.5" x 6.5” opening and placed in a clear cellophane sleeve.

The auction will open for bidding for all pieces on Thursday, March 19 at 7pm EDT. The opening bid for each piece is $20 with $10 bidding increments.

Shipping costs will be calculated at the end of the auction.
  • Shipping to US/Canada - $15 USD for up to 5 pieces.
  • Shipping outside US/Canada - $30 USD for up to 5 pieces.  
All the pieces have been divided up into 8 Tables. 
Each table has a different ending time. Tables 1-4 will close every 30 minutes between 7:30-9pm Friday March 20 and Tables 5-8 will close between 7:30-9pm Saturday, March 21.

Additional information will be provided soon about how everything will work. Stay tuned for more details!

Questions? Email us at

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE - you can join us and attend right from your own home!!

The VIRTUAL conference officially begins on Thursday evening March 19th with the fun-filled members 'Icebreaker' where you will still have a chance to interact with your fellow members in virtual meeting rooms.

Our featured speakers will still include keynote Consuelo Jimenez Underwood plus Shin-hee Chin and the collaborative team of Miranda Bouchard, Judy Martin, and Penny Berens.

Conference Header

A panel of activist artists will discuss experiences on the art, organization, and passion it takes for meaningful community projects. Learn more about the creative pursuits of students from the textile program at OCAD. Get the scoop about SAQA's future plans with a presentation by SAQA Board VP Deborah Boschert.

Panel Presenters

The Virtual conference will still offer a great selection of breakout presentations. But you don't have to choose which ones - all will be available for viewing including some new content!

You will have the opportunity to find how to market yourself as an artist, organize your artwork, and become more environmentally "green" in your studio.

Breakout Presenters

The popular Lightning Talks are still on the schedule as well! 

And while we can't visit the Colour with a U exhibition in person, you will have the opportunity to view all the beautiful artwork in a slideshow presentation.

Instead of Friday Night Out, we will have Friday Night In! Gather around our virtual tables and chat with fellow attendees and get updates about the online Spotlight Auction

Join everyone again on Saturday evening for even more online networking and fun.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to do the MoSAiQA Stitch project but feel free to bring a small stitch project to work on during the virtual conference.

Have a question about the Conference? Contact us at