Monday, August 26, 2019

Thirteen Studio Art Quilters

We are thirteen Niagara-based studio art quilters belonging to SAQA (STUDIO ART QUILT ASSOCIATES) who have come together to showcase our innovative work.

We meet bimonthly in person to share our experimental and developing work, and to learn new techniques in transforming textiles and fibres into creative works of art.  Studio art quilters may sometimes borrow from traditional quilt patterns or piecing techniques but, our work involves new dimensions:

Dying with vegetation or rust, discharging dye with bleach, employing high tech sewing machines to create coloured thread and textured imagery, embroidering on bark, silk, cotton or linen, employing photographic imagery printed on fabric or paper to create 3 dimensional forms, turning fibres into felted imagery, or embellishing abstract or figurative compositions with beads, glass, stones or wood are just an entry into a world of creative possibilities.  

Our messages can be social, political, environmental or personal, or simply creative and playful.  But one element that we all share is our desire to create and to enjoy our process, whether by hand or by machine. The door is open as we define quilting as “stitched through layers.” 

SAQA is our common bond  

This organization has a worldwide membership of over 3,500 men and women.  It offers ongoing juried exhibition opportunities, webinars, and mentorship programmes, a quarterly publication and an annual, international conference.  moSAiQA 2020 (March 19-22) will be held in Toronto, Ontario.  

In conjunction, Colour with a U is a Canadian call for entry that will open two exhibitions concurrently at Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener and at RiverBrink Art Museum in Queenston, Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Both textile shows will travel Canada over a 3-year period.

Please contact us if you are intrigued or interested in joining us.  June Robertson is our Central Ontario rep.  Her cards are here.