Monday, April 29, 2019

June Robertson and Maggie Vanderweit at San Jose, CA and the SAQA Conference - and a few of their friends from across Canada

Maggie Vanderweit Meredith


Making like the angel she is... Maggie is one busy lady - STILL! 
Maggie is very busy and involved with the planning for the 2020 moSAiQA Conference. 

She so deserved this vacation and chance to meet up with her many SAQA friends! Thanks, Maggie!

And we love your FB sharing along the way! Visit her page to see more photos and the record of having some fun meeting and working with friends and the SAQA Board to plan and prepare for our very own chance to host a SAQA Conference which will be in TORONTO next spring! 

March 19-22, 2020

This will be the FIRST International Conference that SAQA has approved and we are all so excited that June Robertson was able to be in San Jose as well as our Regional Representative for Central Canada!

Mark your calendars and get those toonie jars set up so you will be among the first to register for MoSAiQA and do plan to alert the Planning Committee that you will be willing to volunteer and be able to add your skills and have some fun "hands-on" with the Conference experience:

The SAQA Special Events Committee is looking to feature some very special speakers for the 2020 moSAiQA Conference and YOU might consider applying to share your story or a project, topic or news that could bring a great talk to Conference attendees. Check out the opportunity by clicking the Presentation link below. Applications are due June 1, 2019.

Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings did not spoil the fun...
of the San Jose Conference experience with Art Shows, Exhibitions across the City and the chance to wind down after full days of conference activities for these wonderful women who represent Canada so very well!

JUNE ROBERTSON was in attendance and making all kinds of new REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE friends as she took on her second SAQA conference, and this year as our Central Canada Rep. As the travel week winds down, she will be back with us here in Ontario to share all of her experiences!
June Robertson, on the left, waiting for her next meeting (my guess)

There would have been several days of intense meetings for June, and always the chance to make new friends from all around the world.

She will have some great stories to tell as she attends POD meetings throughout this next year across Ontario and we all look forward to her Conference Report!

Below is a photo of the Canadian contingent of wonderful Reps and friends from Canada, and while I don't recognize all of the beautiful friends, I do see Anita Payne from Perth ON, Katie Stein Sather, Terry Aske and Jennie Johnston.

Thanks to all of our Canadian Reps and artists who flew all across the US to spend time together with new friends from SAQA!!
Canadian Reps  and members from across Canada attending the SAQA, San Jose Conference

and Bill Reker on the back row is our intrepid Director of Global Exhibition who keeps all of our beautiful artwork in front of the thousands around the world who love to stand in front of and appreciate the fine art!