Saturday, January 5, 2019

WELCOME to our New Regional Representative - JUNE ROBERTSON

(Just copying her SAQA Blog note to each of you here in case you get the SAQA Central Blog in your mailbox.)

Hello Central Canada Members

I am thrilled and excited to be taking over as the SAQA Regional Rep for Central Canada and want to thank Maggie Vanderweit for all that she’s done in the position for the last two years. She’s been instrumental in encouraging me to take over this role and I’m super grateful for all her support!

Those of you who know me are already aware that I’m a huge fan of all things related to SAQA. I attended my first SAQA conference in San Antonio last April and came back absolutely certain that I wanted to be seriously involved with this organisation. So I’ll offer no apologies for my boundless enthusiasm for SAQA and hope to encourage all of you to get the most out of your membership.

For starters, I want to share something I received from Doris Lovadina-Lee
At a recent pod meeting she mentioned that she was going to start a 100 day Stitch Meditation in 2019 and some members showed an interested in participating. 

Doris would like to invite everyone to have a look at her blog post about this challenge and join in.

Many of you already follow the SAQA Central Canada blog which Bethany Garner posts and if you don’t I strongly recommend signing up. On the right sidebar of the homepage, there is a list of all of our members and many have already had Bethany link their name to their website or blog…..something to consider if you have an online presence that you’d like to share.

I’m looking forward to meeting many of those I don’t yet know and continuing friendships already formed. 

If you have any questions SAQA related, don’t hesitate to ask and if, like Doris, you have an interesting project that you’d like to share, please let me know.


June Robertson
Central Canada Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates

And, from all of our Central Canada Members: SO MANY THANKS to Maggie Vanderweit for her two years of amazing care and attention to the business of our Central Canada SAQA Members and their needs...

A note from BethanyHAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Just as a bit of a follow-up, our SAQA Central Canada  "Blogspot" Blog is due for a bit of an update 

I received a note from Doris Lovadina-Lee today and it was likely due to the blog from June... 
Doris requested that I link her website and blog to our SAQA Central Canada blog's members list so that a "click" and link would be easy for the members. Thanks for the request from Doris, and I would love to help link each of you...

However, Blogger has been a bit touch and go for the past three or four months, with many changes and modifications to the services available to us. I will always give requests my best effort as your 'blog author', but for the past two or three years, I have been unsuccessful linking names and website/ blog links on the current member's list for quite some time.

Thanks to Doris's request, I will make a sincere effort to explore the process once again through Google Blogger and see what I can do. I will do an update post for all of you as the days go forward!

Here is a link to Doris's Blog and Website just as a little "substitute: for my not being able to post them on the members list on the right sidebar... have a 'pop on over' visit. A  beautiful website and exciting work for sure! Beautiful hand dyed scarves in her shop, and great news about her 100 Day Meditation project - have a read. The links are here below. 

REMEMBER: Your submissions and exciting news are ALWAYS welcome! Have a great month ahead and we look forward to lots of news from those of you who are entering SAQA Exhibition Calls for entry and have news to share about things closer to home...

See you along the way! Lets get those pod meetings going for 2019! I know we need to get together here in Eastern Ontario!