Friday, October 21, 2016


Last Call for submissions
is midnight Oct. 24th, 2016

Since I last communicated with the Connections group in the summer, I have sent in the grant application to the Ontario Arts Council under the Crafts Projects – Connections program for the show I will be curating at Kitchener City Hall in April and May 2017.

There are a few changes to announce:

There will be no entry fee.

In the Arts Council grant budget, I have included CARCC fees of $25 per photo (a little less for multiple entries) and $143 per quilt payable to the artists.

I now have a reasonable insurance quote that will cover theft/loss and liability, which is also in the Arts Council grant budget.  (The security desk at Kitchener City Hall is within sight of the venue in the BerlinTower Artspace).

There is provision for printing 500 copies of a 32 page colour catalogue in the Arts Council budget.

If I do not receive the grant, I will not be able to pay those costs, but will continue with the show at my own cost and a “made-by-Joan” catalogue.

So far I have received over 75 photos and am hoping to receive some more so that I can include approximately 100 photos in the video montage and I am hoping that you will consider submitting before the deadline.

Please see the attachment and/or visit my website for more information on making photo and/or quilt submissions.

Sincerely yours,

Joan F. Hug-Valeriote
Studio Teacher and Quilt Artist
1968 Gordon St.
Guelph, ON N1L 1G6
tel: (519) 836-9388