Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SAQA Virtual Gallery "STRUCTURES" includes work by three Central Canada Artists - Congratulations!

      Water Tower #2

Water Tower #2
Heather Dubreuil
Guest curator - Cyndi Souder


Each month during the year, a member of SAQA is selected to choose a gallery of work related to a special theme of her choice, and to be displayed at the main website.

Please make time to visit the website here for a view of the Gallery:

Curator's Statement:

I am captivated by the many ways that quilters use soft components to create the illusion of hard structures. So many design decisions are made; so many artistic devices are employed. Should I use a lot of color or should I limit my palette? Should I show a complete composition or leave something for the viewer to fill in? Should I use a familiar viewpoint or would an unexpected angle better communicate my message? I chose these structures because they spoke to me. I hope they speak to you as well.

Congratulations to Heather Dubreuil, Phillida Hargreaves and Catherine Timm, our Central Canada Artists for inclusion in the STRUCTURES Gallery.
Finding Lunch
Phillida Hargreaves


Catherine Timm

and congratulations to our pal, LAURIE SWIM, a great friend to Kingston and Toronto area SAQA members
At the End of the Day

List of other SAQA artists selected for the STRUCTURES Gallery and their works, linked to statement and/or detail image provided by the artist, and congratulations to each :

View From MOMA 2
K. Velis Turan
At the Tower
Joke Buursma
What Remains
Elena Stokes
Le Poet Laval I
Lenore Crawford
Morgan's Flight
Kate Themel
K. Velis Turan
Beyond the Gate
Marcia H. Eygabroat
Linda Gass
Mountain Chapel
Annette Kennedy
A Ride About Town
Ellen Piccolo