Sunday, November 3, 2013

KIT VINCENT and MARIE-FRANCE GOSSELIN works at the renowned Quilts=ART=Quilts Exhibition in Auburn, NY

MEGANTIC, Kit Vincent
Last weekend, travelling to Auburn, NY and the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Centre made for a delightful adventure. The opportunity to attend the lovely QAQ Brunch at the Springside Inn and be present to listen to the Prize Juror, Lasse Antonsen, speak about his steps to choosing the award winning quilts was a rare opportunity.
The day also offered a chance to congratulate KIT VINCENT as she was honoured for her FIRST PLACE Award for MEGANTIC, a beautifully executed torn and layered composition quilt in gorgeous silk and hand dyed fabrics. Mr. Antonsen chose Megantic as his personal Jurors Award, and spoke at length about the quilt's strengths as a definitive art piece, and the skill Kit demonstrated as she used the cloth in place of brush strokes on her masterpiece.
Kit's second submission was also selected for the exhibition. Torn Sari , below, is a quilt that depicts strong movement and colour shifts that entice the viewer to come close and examine the fabric, the loose threads and the dimensional qualities that call to mind many emotions, memories of vistas viewed and simply delight the eye.

TORN SARI, Kit Vincent

It was also a joy to spend brunch time with MARIE-FRANCE and her husband, and have the opportunity to chat about the experience of being chosen for Quilts=ART=Quilts. Marie-France was one of the 70 artists chosen for this annual exhibition from 348 quilts and 190 quilters, and her quilt CHAOS simply shines in the Gallery.

Using her talent as a fabric painter and composition artist, the quilt resonates with a riot of colour, design elements and stitch. Many congratulations to Marie-France.