Saturday, July 21, 2012

CONNECTING DESIGN TO STITCH features the work of SAQA Central Canada artists

Connecting DESIGN TO STITCH, new release by SANDRA MEECH, C & T Publishing

From the textile artist's point of view

Explore the elements of design and how they relate to quiltmaking and fiber art. Through a series of exercises, observations, and analyses, you'll learn how to incorporate basic design principals into your work creatively and confidently. Study various design styles and approaches from fine art, nature, graphic design, and the world of textiles. With Sandra's expert guidance, you'll become more comfortable with new textures, techniques, and compositions as you fill your own signature sketchbook with ideas and inspiration.

• A practical guide for using essential design principles to create dynamic fiber art
• Learn to observe and explore abstractions in the world around you
• Includes over 150 inspirational images from the world's best quilt and textile artists

Sandra Meech is a renowned author, art quilter and Instructor who resides in Berkshire,England, and is a Burlington, ON native. Her works are well known around the world, and she has visited and taught amazing workshops in Canada, both for local and distance Guilds, FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops Series and at CQA/ACC's Quilt Canada, the Conference of the Canadian Quilters' Association on numerous occasions.

SAQA Central Canada extends congratulations to our members DWAYNE WANNER and MAGGIE VANDERWEIT, featured artists in Sandra new design book above, just newly released by C & T Publishing and available from or directly from the author in the UK. Sandra, as well as Dwayne and Maggie are members of the CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS GROUP. Please do enjoy seeing both of these fine artists beautiful work in Sandra's book.

Also featured in the book are GORDANA BRELIH, SUSAN STRACHAN JOHNSON, SYBIL RAMPEN and JOHN WILLARD, Ontario Fibre Artists and Instructors, and also members of the CONNECTIONS Group. Susan will be teaching her "FOREST FLOOR" workshop with the Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts in Kingston in the fall of 2012, and Sybil is the founder and driving force behind the beautiful JOSHUA CREEK HERITAGE CENTRE for the ARTS in Oakville. Gordana has been to Kingston this past year to share her Fibreworks Workshop, and has a wonderful featured Fibre Artist Interview posted at the WORLD OF THREADS website, as does Dwayne Wanner. All have personal websites for your information and are keenly involved in arts exhibition across Canada.

Hoping many of you will add this beautiful new softcover book to your personal fibre arts design library. Also see Sandra's other books from BATSFORD Books Publishing, CONTEMPORARY QUILTS, Design, Surface and Stitch, 2003  and her second book, CREATIVE QUILTS,   Inspiration, Texture and Stitch, 2006.