Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Please plan to join us for the OPENING of COLOUR with a U, Homer Watson House and Gallery, Kitchener, ON

Please plan to join us for the 
Opening Reception for Colour with a “U” 
 Saturday, March 21st

Colour with a U is a juried exhibition of 35 art quilts created by Canadian members of Studio Art Quilt Associates. 

In Canada, we spell colour with a “u”. We care about the “u”, it makes us unique. We care about the “you”, it brings us together. Thirty-five artists have reflected on the theme of diversity and inclusion to give “colourful” representations of our Canadian cultural identity. Each offers an individual perspective on how we as Canadians see ourselves in our social, historical and physical landscape. Nothing can match experiencing the rich textures, colours, shapes, and messages in person. 

We invite you to join us for the Opening Reception at historic Homer Watson House & Gallery, Kitchener, on Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 2 – 4 pm. 

If you need transportation, there are a few spots available on our comfortable coach, leaving the Downtown Toronto Hilton at 12:15 pm.

US$40 includes box lunch. (Must be over 18 years of age).

Register here:  

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates


Information: For those who are not coming with the Conference bus trip, the exhibition continues...

A Juried Exhibition of Art Quilts presented by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA),

March 13- May 31
Reception: Saturday March 21, 2020 | 11am – 3pm
CreativiTEA: Thursday May 14, 2020 | 12 – 1:30pm

Monday, January 27, 2020

Exciting news for our Canadian SAQA Artists who have been selected for the 'COLOUR with a U' and the 'COLOUR with a U Too' Exhibitions that will be shared with visitors in Kitchener and Queenston this spring and summer. Thank you to all of the Canadian SAQA members who submitted their works to the Jury.

Colour with a U: March 13 – May 31, 2020
Homer Watson House & Gallery, Kitchener, ON  
Opening Reception:  Saturday, March 21st  1 – 3 pm

Jurors, Faith Hieblinger, Alan Syliboy, Jayne Willoughby, and Debra Antoncic had the challenge of selecting a total of 45 works from 173 entries for these 2 exhibitions.

Susan Avishai Shirtz
Helene Blanchet Garden on the Hill
Wilma Brock The Urgent Colours of a Summer Garden
Linda Campbell Thoughts 2
Victoria Carley Anticipatory Grief
Heather Dubreuil Rue de Buade #2
Kristi Farrier LatitUde and AttitUde
Linda Finley 36 Million Stories: The Fabric of US
Ihor Gawdan         Beneficial Symbiosis
Mita Giacomini Colour Theories
Victoria Gray The Eccentric Pianist
Greta Hildebrand We the People of Staghorn and Peegee
June Horwich Ribs and Heart
Margaret Jessop Colourful Canadians
Joan Kilpatrick Colour in transit
Chris Liszak United Diversity
Fuzzy Mall Kill Your Darlings #2
Regina Marzlin Same/Different (Hommage to Jawlensky)
Fiona Oxford Sedna
Mary Pal Peggy
Mical Pearlman Scatterlings
Dawn Piasta Eh, Eutopian Sky
June Robertson Psychedelic Skies 4
Lorraine Roy Sassafras Mandala
Helena Scheffer A Simple Twist of Fate
Janet Scruggs Portraits - Women I would Like to Have Met
Rosalind Sims Oh What a Night
Anne Solomon Our Home ON Native Land
Arja Speelman Backcountry
Andrea Tsang Jackson The Here & Elsewhere Bee
Linda Van Gastel Othello Tunnels
Maggie Vanderweit Light My Fire
Judy Villett Political Stripes
Kit Vincent Tri-Colour Red
Valerie Wilson The Hockey Boys
Krista Zeghers Powwow Power

 Colour with a U Too: March 15 – September 5, 2020
RiverBrink Art Museum, Queenston, ON  
Opening Reception:  Thursday, April 23rd  5 – 7 pm

Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas Invaders
Michele Craigen Through My Eyes
Millie Cumming October Morning
Janet Harper Cold Magic
Karen Johnson Colours on the Rock
Lynda Mariani Different but the Same
Julie Poirier Mathur Tout un monde.  It Takes All  People.
Susan Selby Green to Make my Heart Sing
Catherine Ugrin The Dancer

Please join us for the Opening Receptions.

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates


My apology for the "copy and paste" list that appears above here in the blog post as I was too excited to share the great news for the selected artists and did not take the time to re-type the entire list I received for sharing in the email from Tracey this afternoon.

CONGRATS to all of our Canadian Artists!!!

Monday, December 30, 2019

For our SAQA Members in central Canada ... artwork display opportunity to consider in Perth ON for Eastern ON members

Artwork by KAREN GOETZINGER 2018
Happy New Year everyone... 

Here is a note from SAQA Central member Anita Payne regarding an upcoming opportunity for displaying your art in a Gallery in Perth Ontario...

Hello SAQA members in eastern Ontario:

Streve Design Studio Boutique and Gallery (  in Perth is owned by Cheryl Straby. 

She has a different show in her gallery every two months. Currently the gallery is showing art with the theme "Red". Two of my quilts are in this exhibit.

Cheryl would like to showcase quilt art in March and April 2020. There is no specific theme, but a theme could arise from the submitted works. 

Quilt art pieces need to be ready to hang. Your work would have to be priced for sale. The gallery would keep 40% of the sale price for items that sell. 
You would be responsible for bringing your quilts to Perth and picking them up after the show.

Please let Cheryl know if you have any questions and send her images of quilts that you would like to be considered for the March-April show.   
Happy New Year!


Anita Payne De Gaia
Secretary, Canadian Federation of University Women Perth and District  
Citizens' Climate Lobby Leader, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston
On unceded Algonquin territory in Lanark County, Ontario
Cell: 613-267-0881

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Sending along the very best wishes for your 2019 end of the year Holidays, and as we move into the changing decade - be Well, Happy and MAKE ART!

On this Christmas Day, thinking of all of our 229 SAQA members across Central Canada and those who have become cherished friends and neighbors from around our world of the Fibre and Textile Arts!

Knowing that we all have deadlines and projects that are on the go - not one more moment of your time, except to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS and send along best wishes for a wonderful new decade and New Year! See many of you in March at MoSAiQA in Toronto!

Remember the deadline for 'COLOUR WITH a U' is fast approaching! January 3, 2020...

Keep all of our SAQA friends in your loop and be willing to take part in local and distance events that bring us closer together! Check out the list of SAQA members in your area in the Central Canada link at and find a new friend or two who live nearby and try to make contact and get together.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hoping all of you are carefully considering, working on or are finished and have already planned your submission for COLOUR with a U.... can't wait to see the exhibition on Saturday the 21st of March with SAQA International friends!

You may have already received the note below from and Tracey Lawko...just a note to those who have not yet explored the prospectus!
The calendar is ticking!

Colour with a U 
entries portal opens December 1, 2019!

The Colour with a U entry portal on the SAQA website goes live on December 1st! That’s only a few days away! Are you ready? You have until January 3rd at midnight Eastern Time to submit your 3 entries. Hint: don’t leave it until the last minute. If you have any questions contact us at

With your entry, you have 2 opportunities to have your work selected:

Colour with a U at Homer Watson House & Gallery, and
Colour with a U Too at RiverBrink Art Museum

Colour with a U at Homer Watson House & Gallery in Kitchener has been extended! The exhibition will run from March 15 until May 31, 2020 with the official opening on Saturday, March 21st.

Colour with a U Too at RiverBrink Art Museum in Queenston will run from March 15 until September 5, 2020 with the official opening in Spring 2020.

If you are attending the moSAiQA conference, you can see both exhibitions. We have organized two bus trips to the exhibitions:

- Saturday, March 21st to the official opening of Colour with a U at Homer Watson House & Gallery; and
- Monday, March 23rd to Niagara and a private viewing of Colour with a U Too at RiverBrink Art Museum

Both depart from the Hilton Hotel. If you haven’t already, reserve your spot now at
Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hello Fabric Lovers!

   Have you always wanted to create your own printed fabrics?
   For a fun, creative and colourful experience I will be teaching the 

COMPLEX CLOTH" workshop 
   on Saturday, November 30 at the Colour Vie studio in Toronto.

   To reserve your space simply e-mail me at
   or call 416- 532-7435 (local calls) or 1-877-425-8379 (toll free in Canada) 

 You will explore the use of pigments on fabric, learn how to mix colours, make stamps and stencils and
print your own designs in an inspirational and encouraging environment. 

 I will show you how to create your own designs on fabric by manipulating texture and colour 
 with an emphasis on layering transparent and opaque colours and images. 
 The result: unique fabrics with depth and complexity.  

 Just imagine the opportunity for creating personal statements on fabrics 
 that you can use in your textile projects!

 For detailed information about this and other workshops as well as yummy photographs of fabrics  created at the studio please  visit:

 Looking forward to seeing you at the Colour Vie studio!


Sunday, October 27, 2019


I am thrilled to let you know that Pam Woodward will be teaching two workshops at the Colour Vie studio!

On November 7 to 8 she will teach you the beauty of “Beading on Fabric”.

On November 9 to 10 Pam will share the ins and outs of “Boro, the Beauty of Mending”.

To reserve your space simply e-mail me at
or call 416- 532-7435 (local calls) or 1-877-425-8379 (toll free in Canada)
For more information, please visit

The techniques for Beading on Fabric are universal. Pam will teach you the basic stitches and
more than a few special tricks for attaching beads to fabrics. Truly addictive!

Boro is the Japanese technique of patching and mending the utilitarian textiles of everyday lives. This workshop incorporates techniques of Boro to refurbish worn fabrics and explore the making of new textile works. Bring your own worn clothing, home textiles and scraps of cloth and learn how to turn them into renewed fabric pieces that you can incorporate into your textile art! 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Colour Vie studio!


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Backlit Grasses, 12” x 16”, Award of Excellence in Craftsmanship, Carnegie Craft, Tracey Lawko

Tracey Lawko invites you to visit her studio as part of the Creemore Festival of the Arts

October 5 & 6th
10am to 4pm

Tracey Lawko
2673 Concession 8
Glen Huron, ON
(10 minutes west of Creemore)

Enjoy the beautiful fall colours and see my workspace, the fabulous views that inspire my work, and my unique ‘Drawn with Thread’ artworks.

A full list of 50 participating artists and locations is available at

I look forward to seeing you!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Join Gunnel Hag  and Pam Woodward at the terrific 
Colour Vie Studio for a wonderful array of Fall Workshops

The Fall Workshops in the Colour Vie Studio at 222 Symington Ave., Toronto, ON 
are now open for registration. For detailed information about  these upcoming workshops 

October 5, 2019: “PAINT, PRINT AND ROLL" with Gunnel Hag   

November 7 - 8, 2019: “BEADING ON FABRIC” with Pam Woodward   

November 9 - 10, 2019: “BORO, THE BEAUTY OF MENDING”with Pam Woodward  

November 16, 2019: “DECONSTRUCTED SCREEN PRINTING” with Gunnel Hag   

November 30, 2019: “COMPLEX CLOTH” with Gunnel Hag   

December 7, 2019: “PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES ON FABRIC” with Gunnel Hag    

Call early to reserve your space
416- 532-7435 (local calls) or 1-877-425-8379 (toll free in Canada) 
or simply e-mail

For more information please visit